Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squirmy LibWorm

It is always nice to have everything library in once place. I do like the various types of categories and subjects available to choose from because it helps narrow down the search. When it comes to the tagging page, it is interesting to see how many different ways someone can name a term. I can relate because there was a time that we found five different spellings of Little Elm in library records (Little Elm, Littleelm, Litle Elm, etc.) I did a phrase search of Little Elm Public Library and found two articles. As much as I have been publishing items over the last five years I was surprised not to find more information about the library but I noticed a lot of the information that comes up is from more well known sources or blogs. So, I signed up my library blog page and I checked with our Town IT department to see what it would take to turn my library page of the town website that has my weekly library newsletter into an RSS feed. Overall observation of LibWorm...it does have potential but it reminds me of a Wikipedia of information that can not be edited.

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