Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let Me Tell you a LibraryThing or Two

Funny thing, I learned that I had signed the Little Elm Library up on LibraryThing back in 2006 and just hadn't used it yet. Now I have a couple of Friends :-) I have decided to add the really old and rare books that we get as donations and that we will turn into a special collection for people to look at but they are not in the regular collection and catalog yet. I never did find ThingLang, ISBN Check and MARCThing and I looked on every page for close to an hour. My eyesight must be really bad :-( I also found out that I was already a member of the Librarians Who LibraryThing. I See Dead People's Books was not something I was interested in. By the time I got to the Thingology Blog I had already been on the site for awhile so it was information overload time but it did seem to have some good information to reread in more detail. I did add our Writers group as an event and tagged the library and the writers groups as favorites. I am also interested in learning more about the Cue Cat Scanner that I saw on the site for $15.

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