Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Ning Thing

The first thing I thought of was that Ning is a lot like Facebook only less known. Once again, since I am trying to promote the library everywhere that I can, I did open a Ning network account, invited Friends, and created a blog with the library newsletter. I think the hardest thing about all these accounts, networks, pages, and groups is keeping them all straight and updated. I already have three pages of usernames and passwords and am trying to figure out the best way to add information about the library, how to get others connected to all these sites with the library, and getting it done in a timely manner. Just trying to keep up with library marketing by computer is a full time job. What I did not realize is that I had signed up for a social network a couple of years ago and I do not think I realized it was a "social network at the time". I have not kept up with it and this assignment has brought it to the forefront and now I saw that people have been responding over my question about whether they would be interested in seeing our library newsletter about what we are doing. Now I will add it to the list of places to post my newsletter. The two networks that I have currently joined are Little Elm Public Library (of course) and Roseville Public Library. ReadKiddoRead is a network that I joined a couple of years ago and another place I need to start posting information. I also noticed that Roseville Public is teaching web 2.0 so it will be another place to learn how to continue getting better at this :-)

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