Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feed Your Blog: A Dual Post

I had always wondered what RSS feeds were and how to use them and now I know. I think one thing that is going to be frustrating in having a separate account for bloglines and RSS feeds is keeping up with reading them. I currently have thousands of emails that I need to get caught up with in my regular email account so I hope it does not become a contest between the two of which can go higher :-) A mission I need to undertake is figuring out how to get the blogline and RSS feeds account fed into my regular email account so I don't have to monitor both. If someone knows how to do that now, please let me know. Since I am having all my staff do this 23 things project, it is a great way to put all of their blogs in one folder so I can read and reply at any time. I have to thank my employee Laurie for the suggestion. I probably would have thought of it eventually but sooner is better than later. That is a good thing about this project and all of us working together is that we are learning which web tools we like, don't like, and who is comfortable with what so that we help each other through each tool.

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