Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2.0 be or not 2.0 be

2.0 be or not 2.0 be, a question that needs 2.0 be seriously considered. It is already here, surrounding us, in our face (so 2.0 speak) Even if someone chooses not 2.0 participate, people around them are speaking the language...nings and pings, doodles and moodles...It is like Dr. Seuss for adults. I am glad to be learning more about what is going on in our Brave New World. Many of the topics being discussed in 2.0 are things that I have wanted to put into place in our library but just didn't know how. With this new knowledge of various 2.0 tools, not only will I have a better understanding of what can be done, we will be able to find ways to share that knowledge with the patrons who do not know and have a better connection with those that do.
On a side note, I really like the way that "the shifted librarian" explained 2.0. The video can be viewed at

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