Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Method #11 With Podcasting You Can Talk Anywhere

For this exercise I looked at a couple of podcasting directories. The first directory was the list of podcasting libraries in which I listened to two podcasts. Under Booktalks Quick and Simple, I listened to Todays podcast 10/14/09 that discussed Uncle Sam's America. They were right, it was quick and simple. One thing that I did like about the site was that I also learned about which looks like something I would like to learn more about and use with our library. I also listened to the Pro/con Presentation for May 19th Election podcast on the Sunnyvale Public Library site. It sounded like a taped meeting. The next directory I looked into was I looked at the topics on the sidebar and chose kids and families where I listened to the parenting my teen show #48 where they discussed "sexting". I liked the way the speaker gave good teaser info in between general and show topics. For example, gave teaser info about the topic being hot, then went into general information about the show (when they broadcast type of things), then mentioned the topic "sexting", then went into a commercial, and then went into the show itself. My goal has been to podcast my weekly library newsletter and I am working towards that goal.

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