Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Method #10 Wiki Can Be Wicked

Funny thing, I had a hard time with this during the North Texas 23 Things training and I am still having a hard time. Though I am in awe of how others have used Wiki's because it does have major potential, for some reason it is still confusing how to get the information into the various wiki parts. I would like to put together some type of ready reference wiki but I need to understand wiki better. Another thing for my to-do-list :-) I did add a comment to the favorite fundraising page. Under recent activity of the Favorite Things Frontpage, I saw that people added and edited so I hope I followed the instructions correctly by adding a comment. Wiki's are so confusing!

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  1. Hi Tina, please don't feel bad about having a hard time with wikis -- the tricky thing about wikis is learning how each particular wiki can be edited. So many people use so many different hosts for their wikis (pbworks is just one of many, many out there), so each time you go to edit or contribute to a wiki, you find yourself having to learn or relearn how to use it.
    :-) One thing I recommend is to always look for the "help" files for a particular wiki if you are really having a hard time. I checked the LD wiki and you added to the "Favorite Blogs" page just fine! And thanks for submitting the comment on the "fundraising" page. I think you did a great job on this two-stepping method! Best wishes, Naomi