Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Happening @ the Little Elm Library

Little Elm Public Library newsletter

I like to fish, though I am not very good at it. One reason may be because if there is not much action, I get bored and start doing something else. I AM very good at catching snags and losing my line. Since my eyesight is not as good as it used to be, tying hooks and sinkers are a challenge. I am sure that the fish that I am not catching get quite a belly laugh watching me. Well, the joke is on them now! My husband and I have found a new place to fish and we caught four catfish! The place is called Catfish Corner and it is at 1702 Lawson Road in Mesquite. It only cost $2 per person to get in (we saved $2 on the entry fee by using the coupon in the Entertainment Coupon book the library sells) and then it cost $2 per pound for what you catch. They also will clean or fillet for so much per pound as well. We saw all ages fishing in the three ponds. There was a little girl maybe no more than 6 years old that was reeling in fish as much as the adults were. Now you may say that this way of fishing is cheating. I say it is our way of stimulating the economy and enjoying the great outdoors while experiencing the feel of a fish on the line. The homemade fish soup that we had that night was pretty good too. If you want the recipe, send me an email at For more information about Catfish Corner, call them at 972-222-2823.

Have you ever seen Texas Tornadoes? The opportunity is here! On Saturday, October 24th at 7pm, you can see the Texas Tornado Hockey team in action. The Little Elm Library is selling $15.00 tickets for this special library fundraiser. Not only does $5.00 of each ticket go to the library but you will receive a Limited Edition Texas Tornado hat and an entry in a raffle to win Tornado merchandise. You can pay by cash, check, or credit card.

Though sports events can be exciting, sitting down with a book can have its own rewards. New Christian fiction added includes Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman; The Missing by Beverly Lewis; and A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher. A new audio bestseller added includes Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman. New bestsellers added include The Eleventh Victim by Nancy Grace; Even Money by Dick Francis and Felix Francis; 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs; and Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson & Richard Dilallo. A book of possible interest added to the collection is called 101 Secrets a Good Dad Knows: How to skip a rock, how to photograph lightning, how to carve a whistle, and other tricks of the trade by Walter and Sue Ellin Browder.

The friendly lake library card sign up competition will be over at 5:30pm on Wednesday, September 30th. The Colony, Lake Cities, and Little Elm libraries are competing to see who can sign up the most new people for National Library Card Sign Up month. We need your help! The Colony is ahead so far. All you have to do is come to the library and sign up for a library card before the end of September. Cards are free and a library card is better than a credit card and the benefit of a library card is priceless! For more information about anything call the library at 214-975-0430 or email

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