Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dozen Ways To Texas Two Step method #1 & #2: On the road with web 2.0 again

I have been writing a library column for many years so that I can keep people informed of library events. What I have learned is that no matter how many people you are reaching, there are other people who are getting their information somewhere else. Trying to figure out how to reach the people who weren't being reached was pretty mind boggling. Then I learned about blogging. For a long time I wanted to turn my library column into a blog so that I could get feedback from people who read it. I like to be walked through new computer experiences but I was not able to find someone who could take the time and I did not have a lot of time to figure it out myself. And then along came the North Texas 23, the online web 2.0 experience. I made sure to sign up myself and staff in order to better serve our patrons. Many library users have been familiar with the web 2.0 tools for a long time so it was time for us to catch up. I have put many of the web 2.0 tools to use. As library 2.0 tools it has been a way to get library news and events out to a greater number of people and reach them where they are in order to keep them informed. Though the Dozen Ways to Two Step is going to be more of a refresher course, it will greater improve what I have already learned. By the way, "The Machine is us/ing us" is my favorite resource that explains Web 2.0.

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