Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey Wiki Your So Fine

I decided to search Swine Flu and was given a redirect to 2009 flu pandemic. At the beginning of the article it does have see also references (one being swine flu) and also states that it is about the pandemic itself and information about the virus causing it can be found somewhere else. The article was very thorough and has many references so I would trust the information. It did not surprise me to see a lot of discussion on this topic. Looking at the history it was interesting to see the number of changes that occurred in one days time. Okay, I did the practice wiki and realize that I need a lot more practice before I do my own for the library. This project was a challenge for me. Maybe it is because I am working on it last minute on what was supposed to be my day off :-) I think I want to change by blog title to Hey Wiki Hear my Whine. On to Google Docs...

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