Friday, August 14, 2009

Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy

Rockin' Robin has always been my favorite song, though Disco Duck is a close second. Must be a bird thing. (Thanks to OpenPhoto for Disco and Duck photos). Twitter was simpler than I thought and I found I CAN keep my info short. I am thankful it keeps count for me but so far I have not gone over. Having to keep my column to a certain length every week has probably helped me be more aware of verbage length but I really need to work on just writing enough to stay within the box when I am blogging (except for my column of course). I am currently following 11, have three followers, and made two tweets. I plan on using this account to let people know when a new column is out but I also think it will be a great way to keep people aware of upcoming programs and what's happening on a daily basis. Best laid plans...kind of like resolutions, works the first couple of days :-) I still say, marketing is a full time job in itself, but very important. I am going to look more into the hashtags and maybe see if I can use that for my Page by Page newsletter. My Twitter account name is littlelmlibrary. Notice it only has one e. The account name cut me off at y which made the name librar so I figured the name would flow better with one e because it still looks like it is supposed to. I hear about Twitter everyday but I heard about it on the radio today when the announcer was asking who does it and they reported a story that mentioned a woman was tweeting while giving birth. Screaming was the norm in my day :-) Tweet Tweet for now!

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