Thursday, July 23, 2009

Peas in a Pod or Cast Out Your Audio

I have been wanting to podcast my weekly library newsletter Page by Page for quite some time but have not cast off into that world of the unknown...yet. Though this assignment has given me more information, I am still not quite ready, though closer. I have been told by our IT department that the town website provider will be adding podcasting capabilities soon so I am waiting to use their tools. I tried to open an account with podcastplatform but it said fatal error and at one time even said I already had an account but I kept being sent in a circle. I will keep trying because I did like the information there. I did put it in my favorites and tagged it in my Delicious account. I also liked the podcast friendly music links. Speaking of which, when listening to some of the library podcasts I was a little confused because I heard stories being read. Aren't there copyright issues? Did the libraries have to get permission to read the stories first? I am sure I will probably find out these answers once I thoroughly read through all the podcasting information. I hate to say this but some of the podcasts were kinda boring...zzzz. One thing that people need to remember when doing podcasts is to be careful of the letter p and b and to try not to be close to the mike when saying words with those letters. I like music in the background before a podcast because it gets you in the mood and ready to listen to what's coming up. I think I would be dangerous if I knew how to properly use all the podcast tools and toys because I would probably use a lot in my podcast. A lot of the podcasts that I heard were book talks, reading books, or interviews...standard library stuff.

Podcasting would definitely be useful to my patrons. As I stated earlier, the first podcast I plan on doing is the weekly library newsletter. I think the patrons will find it useful because I know people already read it. I am planning on doing a podcasting survey once we are close to providing that service to find out what people would like to hear.

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